A known but very dangerous esoteric reality (the latest statistics increase it with an increase of 100% per year) are larval infestations.
They depend on the larvae, which are neutral entities but which feed on psychic energy, emotional energy (also called psychic vampires) and are fearful, as they have a symptomatology very similar to that of an invoice, of an evil spell. (This characteristic makes them difficult to detect and eradicate).
There is nothing more dangerous than to do, without the necessary knowledge or without the necessary protection, spirit sessions, magical rites of any kind, having the cards read by inexperienced people or even for fun.
This is because, certain doors can be opened, even involuntarily and / or unknowingly, through which the larvae could make their appearance, infesting not only the operator but also, if not all, a large part of those present.
The systematic study of the larvae has led to the conclusion that they, thanks to their quality of feeding on vital energy, are led to create precise circumstances in which the emotion predominates.
It happens then that some events can be intentionally caused by the larval presence to derive nourishment from them. Consequently, there is a symptomatology very similar to that of the evil eye or invoices.
Another feature of these larvae is that they are the only esoteric reality that can be photographed and documented on certain occasions. It will not be difficult, therefore, in places where accidents have happened, or at the bedside of sick and suffering people, or in particular circumstances where there is a very strong emotion, photographing them, but only a very careful examination by the expert will know say if we are faced with a larva or something else (game of shadows, spots, …). The film will also impress what the eye does not see.
A big problem related to the larvae is the CONTAGIO. In fact, the larvae are the only esoteric reality capable of infecting people with carriers or other infested people.
In fact, it is necessary to know and keep in mind, that the larvae can pass from part to part, from an infested person (carrier) to another person when the latter is in a particular state of psycho-physical weakness.
And this can happen anywhere: at the cinema, on the bus, at department stores, at the bar, .. and especially in hospitals; where weak and unprotected people are among the most exposed to larval infestation.
To eliminate the larvae, it is necessary to undergo a special esoteric intervention called “larval disinfestation” which involves a cycle of esoteric interventions suitable and suitable to eradicate this reality.