A very important branch of Magic and Esotericism is that of Talismanology. In fact, Talismanology, in fact, studies the way and method to load and store active certain objects processed and forged esotericly (known as Talismans), with the purpose and purpose of attracting continuously for periods from short to life, positive energies, suitable and suitable to propitiate particular areas of our existence (love, business, luck, play, study, work, etc.).
Important in the Talismanological conception, it is the material of which the Talisman is composed and which the Operator tries to load for the purposes mentioned above. In fact, the duration of god a Talisman, depends on the material of which it is made.

Below are some materials and the duration of their charge (and consequently their benefits) based on the material with which they are made:

3 to 6 months the Talismans made in parchment;
talismans made of brass, bronze, metal alloys, etc.
From 1 to 3 years the Talismans made of silver;
AT LIFE only the Talismans in gold, as only such noble metal is able to keep constant and active the energy charge given to him at the time of its creation.

The talismans for life then, unlike all the others are customizable, and as such, they last as long as the person for whom they were forged lives.
Christopher considers himself a Master in the forging of Talismani and Pentacoli (protections) that he creates personally for every need and for every eventuality.
He is one of the few Operators who is contacted by other serious operators who are aware of the difficulty of making a good and real Talisman or Pentacolo, ordering it for their customers.
A talisman or a pentacolo, however, are not alone the solution of the or problems. They must always be complementary to Ritualism, the only magical reality capable of overturning situations and making us realize our desires.